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Pro-Bio Pellets 1000ml

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Vertex Pro-Bio Pellets de 1000ml


For both the novice and experienced aquarist alike, few aspects to reef keeping present as consistent a challenge as the effects of problem algae and bacteria in a saltwater tank. From cyanobacteria to hairline algae, these undesirable elements reduce the pleasure and enjoyment an aquarist should feel from their tank. Thankfully, Vertex Biopellets have arrived to deliver the fatal blow in the war against problem algae and bacteria.



Composed of a biodegradable polymer, the pellets are designed for use in a fluidized media reactors. The Pellets promote the growth of aerobic and anaerobic nitrifying bacteria which use carbon from the pellets to consume nitrate and phosphate. This process dramatically eliminates unsightly algae and cyanobacteria (red slime) while increasing the overall health and vigor of a tanks inhabitants.

The surplus bacterial generated by the biopellets are then consumed by sponges and corals or removed by a protein skimmer. Within a few weeks, without any routine dosing, even the most novice of reef keepers can maintain a crystal clear tank.


Exclusive features:

  • Dramatically reduce nitrate and phosphate.
  • Eliminate unsightly bacteria and algae.
  • Ease of use and novice friendly.
  • Affordable, efficient, and 100% reef safe.

Technical Data:

  • 100% Biodegradable Polymer
  • 500ml
  • 50 ml per 100L of net water volume