Vertex Rx-U 2.5L

Universal Media Reactor
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Rx-U+ Series Fluidized Media Reactors by Vertex Aquaristik™

Crystal clear displays are always the goal of any aspiring Reef Hobbyist. As mainstays of the hobby, Activated Carbons and Phosphate Absorbing Medias go a long way towards the fulfillment of this goal by absorbing many of the impurities that accumulate in the water column. Furthermore to that the uses of PHA Biodegradable plastics such as “Vertex™ Pro-Bio Pellets” are becoming increasingly popular and prove to be an effective addition to most nutrient-export systems. Incorporating these medias into the systems has traditionally been accomplished with the aid of filter bags and/or cartridges. However, this is far from being the most effective means of utilizing these products as the medias compact, flow-through declines and the surface area contact becomes compromised. Vertex™ Universal Media Reactors provide a practical solution by fluidizing the given medias, thereby eliminating the problem of compaction and allocating complete control of flow-through to the user.

Rx-U Plus series Media Reactor accomplish these tasks in style. Only the finest material utilized and through precise CNC machining a perfect combination of form and function has been realized. No expense was spared to offer the best quality and most versatile functionality. From Titanium Screws to QUICK-LOC lid design; ease of use, functionality, modularity and easy maintenance has been the aspirations behind designing the RX-U Series.

Rx-U plus is a perfect addition to the Vertex Universal reactor line-up for when removing the reactor from system is not possible and/or convenient. Dual chamber design of Rx-U PLUS series enables the user to remove the inner media container from the unit to facilitate an exchange without the need to remove the reactor completely. Media exchange and/or replenishment has never been easier.

Rx-U Plus units are designed for INLINE hard-plumbed and/ or REMOTE soft-hose applications. Set up is a breeze and further to that the unit can also be fully disassembled for thorough maintenance. While the reactor is perfectly fit to run probiotic media, additional Bio-Peller add-on assembly is offered for replacement of foam discs if and when desired and/or necessary.

Exclusive Features

  1. Acrylic tube
  2. PVC Base and lid for maximum durability
  3. PN16 U-PVC Fittings
  4. Onboard True Union ball valve for flow-control
  5. Union Connection
  6. Barbed hose connection
  7. QUICK-LOC Lid design for easy removal and/or replenishment of Media
  8. Dual Chamber design accommodating easier media replenishment and/or exchange
  9. Titanium Screw
  10. Silicone O-rings
  11. Can be utilized in both internal and/or external applications

Technical Data

  • Holds 2.5 liter of media / ~85 US-fl. Oz
  • Chamber diameter; 120mm / ~4.7”
  • Total height; 560mm / ~22”
  • Foot-Print; 140mm / ~5.5”